Artist Statement

I am interested in the phenomenological experienced through the mundane. I make objects, installations and time-based works that are generated from a personal vocabulary but speak to a broad experience of space as it is perceived through our bodies. In my work, the human body is invited as a participant, used as a basis of measurement, or examined to derive figural elements of representation. Bodies and their physical experiences are more measurable than souls, or spirits, and their paraphysical role in interpreting reality. In an age where our eyes and ears can be deceived by representations and artificial reproductions of the real, our bodies, and our awareness of them, become more and more the arbiters of reality. When I craft a piece of furniture, a relic, a small architectural motif, a sculpture or a barrier or passageway in space, my objective is for those sharing the same space as my works to have a heightened sense of their own body as they experience those objects in space.

A doorway becomes a vehicle to reexamine a few inches of movement. An ottoman becomes a new way to experience the force of gravity. A lamp becomes a tool to shower light particles all over and around us. What is it, though, that allows us to experience something beyond these physical interactions? The mind? Something more of a spirit? Can an object possess the power to initiate those types of responses? We exist in physical dimensions, within a physical body, yet are capable of having nonphysical and paraphysical experiences. This is the paradox that drives experimentation, invention and searching through material form in my work.